Less water is used and waste water is treated

Made with organic combed  cotton

No pesticides or hazardous chemicals

Seamless hand-linked toe.



Our philosophy


Knowing that the conventional clothing industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, our vision is to be a positive alternative.  We strive to use the most sustainable fabrics and continuously work on providing the sharpest designs.


All our socks are certified by the world's leading Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS - TEX2064).


Why is this important?


  • On the farm, the use of pesticides is forbidden and the improvement in processes results in less water needed and up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions versus industrial farming.

  • At the factory, all waste water is treated, protecting workers and the environment.  Regularly inspections are done to certified strict social criteria and toxicity and biodegradability rules.

  •  On your skin. Allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues are not allowed. Avoiding the allergies and rashes in your body.

Our quality

We take special care in creating a high quality product. 


We only use premium quality organic combed cotton. To make an exceptionally soft and durable product, we comb the cotton which removes the short and breakable cotton fibers leaving only the finest and strongest yarns. 


We knit our socks using 200-needles. As the number of needles used rise, the socks become softer, denser and more durable. In addition, all our socks are hand-linked with a single thread creating a flat comfortable finish.  


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